What Is a Skin + Soul + Self Session?
They are 45-minute sessions via Zoom, where we get to hang out and chat face-to-face about your skin and self-care concerns, goals, lifestyle and more. Spending this time together helps me to begin to create a customized and comprehensive skin care plan for you, that addresses you mind, body and soul.

How does your coaching process work?
My coaching process is a holistic journey that merges the realms of skin care, self-care, and well-being. We begin by delving into your personal goals, exploring your current routines, and identifying areas for growth. Together, we create a customized roadmap that combines holistic skin care practices, self-care rituals, and overall wellness strategies. Regular sessions provide guidance, accountability, and adjustments, ensuring your progress remains on track and aligned with your journey towards vibrant skin and a nourished self.

What makes your coaching style unique and effective?
My coaching style stems from over two decades of hands-on experience in holistic skin care and a deep commitment to nurturing well-being. I blend science-based knowledge with energetic and intuitive guidance, forming authentic connections that support your transformation. My approach is rooted in a holistic understanding that encompasses nutrition, lifestyle, and self-care practices, going beyond surface-level solutions to cultivate lasting radiance and self-love.

Who is the ideal candidate for your services?
My coaching services are tailored for busy women seeking a harmonious balance between holistic skin care, self-care, and overall wellness. If you're eager to embrace self-care practices, prioritize well-being, and explore a holistic approach to skin health, my coaching is designed to empower you on your transformative journey.

What kind of transformation can I expect from your coaching?
Clients embarking on this journey can anticipate a shift in how they approach skin care and self-care. Beyond healthier skin, my coaching empowers you to nurture a holistic sense of well-being. While everyone's results are as unique as they are, you'll discover the tools to create sustainable self-care rituals, embrace self-love, and radiate wellness from within, ultimately enhancing your skin's vitality and embracing a more vibrant life.

What do I need to do to prepare for my session?
Before your session, I will send you a questionnaire to complete to begin to gather information about beautiful you, your skin and your lifestyle. This will help me to start getting a bigger picture, even before we meet for your session.

What if I need additional support after my session?
After you receive your plan, we will schedule a 15-minute follow-up Zoom session to go over any questions you may have or make any modifications, as needed. I want to make sure you are super duper comfy with your plan.

What if I still need you after the follow-up session?
I'm here for you! I also offer standalone $35, 15-minute follow-up sessions, via Zoom that you can book, after your initial session, when you are feeling stuck in your skin or self-care routine. 

All the fun stuff you get:
  • A comprehensive intake questionnaire to share all about your skin and lifestyle. 
  • A 45-minute Zoom session to review your questionnaire answers together, to create a skin and self-care plan that is best suited to you.
  • A daily, weekly and monthly skin care routine, developed based on your unique skin, complete with specific clean and professional product recommendations.
  • Suggestions and resources for self-care practices, based on your individual needs.
  • Recommendations for products and lifestyle changes to support your overall wellbeing.
  • A FREE copy of my Self-Care Planner, to start committing to creating time for yourself on a regular basis.
  • A customized, printable daily affirmation, written just for you, to leave where you can see it daily.
  • A 15-minute follow-up Zoom session to ask any questions about your plan.
  • A $50 credit toward recommended plant-based, professional skin care products.
Over 20 years of professional holistic skin care experience to help you on your skin and self-care journey - for $244. 

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