Trends come and go often in the skin care world. Sometimes they are worth the hype and sometimes they aren't. Since everyone's skin is unique, trends don't always translate the same to each individual. So, I'm always skeptical...

One of the latest trends making waves is "skin flooding." This technique promises a rejuvenated and radiant complexion. It is, essentially, a revisit of "skin layering" or "sandwiching," which involves layering products to allow the products closer to the skin to penetrate deeper into the epidermis - the top layers of the skin. 

What is Skin Flooding?

Skin flooding, also known as "essence flooding," is a skincare technique that involves drenching the skin with a substantial amount of hydrating and nourishing essences or serums, usually containing hyaluronic acid (which is an ingredient that binds moisture into the skin) or other active ingredients. This technique is designed to saturate the skin, providing a deeply moisturizing and revitalizing effect. Unlike traditional skincare routines that involve applying a thin layer of product, skin flooding requires a more generous application to achieve optimal results.

The Process Unveiled

The process of skin flooding consists of several steps:

  1. Cleansing: Start by thoroughly cleansing your face to remove any impurities, makeup, and excess oils. A clean canvas ensures that the active ingredients penetrate effectively.
  2. Exfoliation (optional): Exfoliate gently if your skin is in need of some extra sloughing off of dead skin cells. This step can enhance the absorption of the subsequent products.
  3. Essence Application: This is the heart of skin flooding. Generously apply a hydrating essence or serum all over your face. The goal is to use a sufficient amount to deeply saturate the skin, allowing the ingredients to penetrate multiple layers.
  4. Layering: Consider layering multiple essences or serums with different beneficial ingredients. Each layer should be applied after the previous one has been absorbed.
  5. Moisturizer and Sunscreen: Seal in the goodness with a moisturizer to lock in the hydration and shield your skin from environmental stressors. If it's daytime, don't forget to apply sunscreen to protect your skin from UV rays.
Benefits of Skin Flooding

  1. Intense Hydration: The primary benefit of skin flooding is its ability to provide intense hydration. By flooding the skin with essences, you're replenishing moisture levels and promoting a plump, dewy complexion.
  2. Enhanced Absorption: With the increased amount of product used, the active ingredients have a higher chance of being absorbed deeply into the skin. This can lead to better results in addressing various skin concerns.
  3. Radiant Glow: Skin flooding can help improve skin texture and tone, resulting in a healthy and radiant glow.
  4. Customization: This technique allows for customization by using different essences or serums to target specific skin issues, such as dryness, dullness, or fine lines.
Cautions and Considerations

While skin flooding holds promising benefits, it's important to approach this trend with some considerations in mind:

  1. Product Compatibility: Layering multiple products can potentially lead to product interactions or sensitivities. Ensure that the products you're using are compatible and won't cause adverse reactions. 
  2. Skin Sensitivity: Those with sensitive skin should exercise lots of caution and perform patch tests before fully adopting this technique, because it could have really negative results as far as irritation, redness or burning.
  3. Cost: Using a larger amount of product in each application might lead to products running out faster, potentially increasing your skincare expenses. This is true especially for serums, which usually contain more concentrated active ingredients, making them a bit more pricey. 
As with any skincare trend, it's essential to consider your skin type, potential sensitivities, and budget before diving into the world of skin flooding. Consulting with a skincare professional can help you determine if this technique is suitable for your skin's unique needs. 

So, is skin flooding worth the hype? 

It could be a beneficial technique to try, maybe once or twice a week to get the benefits without risking irritation or going broke lol. Really, the key to a healthier skin appearance is consistency with using your home care products and a healthy lifestyle. More is not always more - keeping a regular routine with the right products for your unique skin is what gives results.
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